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Who I Am

Strongly motivated and supported  by the family, I left the village after completing the secondary senior school in 1990 for the city in seeking  further experiences. I finally dropped into one of the universities in Denpasar  which is well-known called Warmadewa University. Language  was my intention and I finally decided to get into the English Department.

I have been delighting in learning English since I was at the secondary junior school, besides I was also born - 1972 - and grew in  Bedulu, a village - where mostly the farmers are-  which has much been being visited for especially the historical places (heritages) - by the tourists since 1960s. This is one of the reasons why I encouraged to step out the village and farms to take the idea to learn it  further in a university besides I got supports in filling myself for a skill in order I could be competing the opportunities.

I completed the study - English as the major -  in 1994/1995 and surprisely pointed - it happened - as the best graduated student. By carrying this degree and predicate, I was accepted in a travel biro - Pacto Tours and Travel -, one of the eldest and biggest travel companies in Bali, as one of the official freelance Bali tour guides in handling the English speaking customers. In 1996, I  got another motivation to enrich my skill by learning German as an additional language, this was also a strong suggestion from the firm. English and German have finally been going together with an enjoyment  in sharing the information on Bali’s tradition and culture  and of course in supporting  my family making living too. A stronger willing to work harder came up in 1997, the nicest year when I got married and proudly blessed two boys then.

 In 2000, I dropped into another travel company,- Bali Dwipa Tours - a travel agent which has been smart in inviting the customers through online websites for both hotels and tours bookings. I was also quite busy in supporting this company in handling its both English and German customers.

Recently, I have been employing  myself as the one behind the table, decision maker, organizer, guide and driver in assisting the customers around. Photographers are also my attention as I like taking pictures and appreciating every single thing as an object to shoot.

Rai is a first name easily called by everyone instead of  Gusti Ngurah Rai as my full name. Colleagues and friends like calling me Mr. Airport as this name is completely the same as the name of  the Denpasar Airport. Anyway, I like the joking name because the airport is also a part of my job, a routine  that I enjoy very much.

By showing this site, it will help the customers in recognizing  my details both about me and my offers.  I am not an expert for this project as I have never learned on website, it is so sad. I definitely need to improve much  myself  especially in this knowledge, but I wish this is the time  to learn as we are never late to learn, aren’t we? I  bet, you are my customers and you would give me favour both to contact and recommend me to the others, I do appreciate it and very much motivated to do my best.

Bali Tours and Transportation Services

I do understand why you visit Bali. Relaxing is the common reason as you are very busy at your work and experiencing Bali nature and culture could be your interest. I offer you a very high flexibility in choosing what you prefer doing and where you prefer going. A personal tour or just drive around is my concern in which you do not have to follow the itinerary but it tends to your own arrangement. Keep discussing on the way or spot is the best solution.

I drive you by an AC car of Toyota Kijang which is fully completed with the necessary license as a tourism vehicle “for sure”…and it can accommodate up to six or even seven people. I prefer offering you a rate per car (not per person) including fuel, parking fees, my meals and guiding/driving fee, necessary dress when entering the temples and mineral water during the trip. It of course excludes all entrance fees/tickets and your meals.
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